Dog Paws BnB

Where every dog is part of the pack.

Meet Jon & Michelle

We love animals, and want to ensure your dog is well cared for while you are away.  We adopted a retired sled dog a few years ago and we started sitting for friends we met at the parks and walks.  Your dog will have access to the home and yard 24 hrs.  We do not have kennels.  Your dog is treated like a family member.  That is also why we only board one or two dogs normally at any time.  We are both currently employed, and are not home for some of the day.  If your dog requires consistant supervision, we would not be a good fit for your dogs best care.

Our Facilities

We are located in Sannich close to Gorge Park and Cuthbert Holmes Park.  Dogs get a daily walk along Cuthbert Homes Trail.  We have a fully fenced in back yard, with a dog door for full access.  We only take in one or two dogs at a time, to ensure that dogs receive the same care as at home.  We are both employed, so our facilities are not monitored 24 hrs a day.  If your dogs has special needs that require 24 hr care, we are not a good fit for your dogs needs.  All owners are required to book a free meet and greet session for their dog(s), to ensure that our facilities fit your needs and expecations.  They will meet Cally, and any other dogs that may be in our care.  We will book long term stays.  There is a military discount offered.

Meet Cally

Cally is a 12 year old retired sled dog we adopted a few years ago.  She is a very sweet and loving companion.  During her time as a working dog, she was alpha female of the pack.  She is very calm around the house.  In true sled dog form, she releases her energy while out on walks.  Cally is best with other dogs who are calm, but there are exceptions to the rule.  She has become a “big sister” to Ruby, who is a bundle of energy, and she tolerates her crazy ways.  She loves to spend most of her time outside, but certainly enjoys her creature comforts.  

Book Your Stay

Whether you are booking for a short getaway or long term stay, please click the link to book your furry friend with us.